Fr. Marek Dziewiecki, The Eucharist and love, "Zeszyty Formacji Katechetów" 2020, r. 20, nr 1(77), p. 5-8.


The Eucharist is a particular meeting with God. After His resurrection, Christ remains with Man until the end of time, present physically for us in His Body and in His Blood. God knows that the closer to us is the one who loves us, the more He strengthens us with His love. In the Eucharist God affirms that He has taken each one of us with love from our conception, that He blesses us anew each day, that He helps us to break in ourselves that which hinders our loving and that He distributes us to neighbours as His gift of disinterested love. The test of a fruitful use of the Eucharist is our love towards others, especially those who are in physical, psychic or spiritual need and who are not able to repay us.


The Eucharist, Eucharistic species, love


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