Fr. Stanisław Łabendowicz, The Eucharist – a "great mystery of faith", "Zeszyty Formacji Katechetów" 2020, r. 20, nr 1(77), p. 19-29.


Faith and liturgy constitute "two complementary aspects of the life of the Church" (SC 6). That is why the Eucharist, the celebration of which is the main liturgical action of the Church, constitutes "the source and at the same time the summit of the whole of Christian life". It is in the sacrifice of the Mass that the mystery of the Eucharist is revealed, because it is a commemoration, a celebration and a perpetuation of the Mystery of Christ in which He makes Himself present. During its celebration, the transubstantiation of bread and wine into the true Body and true Blood of Jesus Christ takes place. It is due to this that the Eucharist becomes the greatest and most precious gift which our Saviour left us before His death. A gift which constitutes the summit of all good and the aim of all man's desires; a gift in which is found "the whole spiritual good of the Church" (EdE 1; PO 5). The Church does not exist without the Eucharist, and only the Church celebrates it. It is during the celebration of the Mass that God sanctifies the whole of humanity and the whole world in becoming one with them and by bestowing His grace upon them. It is thanks to the Eucharist that the faithful not only achieve perfect communion with the triune God, but also unite with neighbours in building and strengthening in this way the community of the Church.


Eucharist, sacrifice, pastoral-catechetical programme, "The Eucharist gives life", "The great mystery of faith", spiritual good, Church, community, communion, presence, Body, Blood, bread, wine, Eucharistic species, mystery


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