Fr. Marek Dziewiecki, The educator standing up to the challenges of the 21st century, "Zeszyty Formacji Katechetów" 2020, r. 20, nr 1(77), p. 51-72.


Education is helping a pupil to become someone more and more like God. The essential trait of Catholic education is integrity, that is, caring for the development of the child and adolescent in every domain of human nature. This is what Jesus teaches, who cared for the well-being of the people He met, helping them to be wise, to be masters of their bodies and emotions, to build mutual relations between people, and not only to gain maturity in the moral, spiritual or religious sphere. This type of holistic attitude towards education is necessary especially in the 21st century in face of ideologies, which promise man freedom and happiness, but in reality promote such a style of living which leads to injuries, addiction and suffering. In consequence, a competent educator is to be a friend, witness, prophylactic and savior, and not only a teacher of pupils.


education, competent educator, witness, building of mutual relations between people


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