Fr. Stanisław Łabendowicz, Religious education and up-bringing in truth, "Zeszyty Formacji Katechetów" 2020, r. 20, nr 1(77), p. 87-98.


If catechesis is to bring forth its fruits, it should contain the redeeming truth which is linked up with feelings, experience and action. Bringing-up for truth consists of seeking it and giving testimony to it in different life situations. In religious education one endeavours to supplement up-bringing with Christian values. Knowledge of the truth about Christ is the foundation and purpose of catechesis. School catechesis communicates data regarding faith and truth. The essential aim of catechesis is knowledge of the truth about God, that is, an arousing and developing of faith as well as of many values accompanying it, such as: truth, good, beauty.


catechesis, religious education, up-bringing, truth


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