Fr. Marek Dziewiecki, Catechesis as a form of communication, "Zeszyty Formacji Katechetów" 2020, r. 20, nr 1(77), p. 99-104.


Up-bringing, as well as religious up-bringing, is achieved most of all by the testimony of faith and life, which adults give to children and youth. Testimony is also an essential dimension of catechesis. Proclaiming Christ and giving witness is, however, always achieved with the help of definite words and actions. The task of the catechist is the proclamation of the Gospel and the testimony of personal faith in such a way that would be understandable and attractive for the one who is catechized. That this may be so, is conditioned by the choice of a suitable form of communication, as well as of such a selection of language and reasons so that the matter communicated might be understandable and convincing for pupils and not only for educators. Jesus Himself is the example, as one who fascinated His listeners by His manner of being and communication.


catechesis, form of communication, up-bringing


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