The editors of "Teaching Catechists" accept materials in the form of an article, review or lesson plan that have not been published anywhere before. The decision to publish a given material belongs to the editor-reviewers who decide to allow printing.

We would like to kindly inform you that we accept articles that do not exceed 12 pages of standardized computer printout with footnotes (30 lines per page).
Please also provide a short summary of the article in Polish and English (about 8 lines) and key words in Polish and English, as well as a short biography (up to 5 lines). The author's note should contain the following information: name and surname; academic title; research center with which the author is associated; intellectual interest fields and mailing address; Phone number; e-mail.

The editors reserve the right to make changes to the titles and the author's note. Please do not use highlighting (bold, underline, space, etc.) in the text, except for italics used when citing titles and foreign expressions. Quotes should be written in simple font, in quotation marks.

Within about a month of receiving the materials, the Editors become acquainted with them and make a decision on whether to accept or reject the article.


General rules

The volume of the article should not exceed 12 pages of typescript.
The article should be accompanied by a summary in Polish and English as well as keywords.
Submission of an article for publication is understood as a declaration that this text has not been published elsewhere (also in electronic form) and that it has not been submitted to editorial offices of other magazines or considered as part of the monograph.
Basically, we do not publish materials that have previously appeared in print or in the form of electronic publications. The exception are translations from foreign languages ​​of texts not yet available in Polish.
The text of the lecture or reading should contain information about when and on which forum it was presented.
The article is reviewed anonymously for both parties by two independent external reviewers, subject to editorial and linguistic development, and authorized before publication.
In order to facilitate the process of anonymous review, please do not include information in the text that would identify the author.
The authors are asked to disclose the contribution of all those who contributed to the creation of the article submitted for publication (with their affiliation and specification of their participation).


Formatting text

article author's first and last name (Times New Roman 12 points)
article title (Times New Roman 12 points, B),
narrative (Times New Roman 12 points),
footnotes at the bottom of the page (Times New Roman 10 points);
alignment to both margins (also footnotes);
all margins on A4 page 2.5 cm;
1 cm tab;
1.5 line spacing.
Quotes - highlighted in the text by enclosing them in quotation marks and bearing a footnote.



Footnotes referring to books of individual authors, as well as inseparable authorship should include: author (authors), book title (in italics), place and year of publication, page;
Footnotes referring to collective works should include: the author of the internal study, the title of the inner study (in italics), the title of the book in which it was placed (in italics), the editor or the person who wrote it, place and year of publication, page;
Footnotes referring to scientific journals should include: the author, title of the article (in italics), title of the journal (in quotation marks), possibly year, publication year, next volume (or number, notebook) and page;
Source footnotes with reference to press releases should contain: the author, title of the article (in italics), title of the newspaper (in quotation marks), date of publication (for dailies and weeklies year, number, day and month written in words; for monthlies and quarterly year and month , next number, optional page);
In footnotes referring to the source already mentioned, the use of "Dz. cit. ". The short title of the book is included in the footnote.
In the footnotes we use Polish phrases, i.e. ibid, the same, taż, quotation for, see, typescript, manuscript, kps., B.r., b.m.,


Procedure to protect the originality of the publication (so-called ghostwriting firewall)
In accordance with the standards set for scientific journals by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the editors kindly ask the Authors to disclose information about entities that contributed to the publication (substantive, material, financial contribution, etc.). Authors of studies should present the results of their work in a transparent and reliable manner, regardless of whether they are its direct authors or whether they used the assistance of a specialized entity (natural or legal person)

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